On My Mind || Parties, Passport Covers, and maybe even some Ikea Hacks

Yeay! Friday is here! What a tough week!  To close out the week with a bang I wanted to introduce you to Dandy and Fine PartiesBryn, a sweet virtual friend, alongside two other ladies began this company recently.  Their portfolio is amazing (imagine more beautiful photos like the one above).  They offer a full palette of design services - from stationary to florals & décor to curated playlists. For more info. visit them here. Aside from these fab parties I also have those cute kid terrier loafers on my mind.  I ordered some for Little Miss A after seeing them on a little girl at a Birthday party last weekend. C-U-T-E!

Bags are almost packed for our trip this weekend although errands remain to be done.  I came across this passport cover and thought it to be so fun. I bet it would get a chuckle from those otherwise serious men protecting our borders.

I fell in love with this this etsy artist when I spied some of her work Pinterest.  So pretty!  I really love the colors and the prices are very reasonable.

Also, you all have to know about this company called Semi Handmade Doors that sells doors (hence the name!) for Ikea closets and cabinets for a more custom look.  Amazing!  See this kitchen below (for more photos go here).

Have a wonderful, restful weekend.  And follow me on Instagram to keep up with our Spring break adventures. And don't worry I will have some posts up for you next week.