The Bath Time Ritual

I have not had a bathtub in my bathroom for eight years and now that I do I am making up for lost time.  What a treat to be able to take baths again continuously.  It has become a quite the ritual around here after the long days.  There is nothing better than soaking.  Aside from blogging and yoga, soaking has become my new therapy.

I light some candles ( I love this one), turn off the lights, pour in some epsom salts which my sweet friend introduced me to last week (you'll be a convert if you have never tried them.  They help with achy muscles and help detoxify the body).  I then soak, soak, soak.  A good towel and a pretty robe are the only reasons to get out of the tub. Plum Pretty Sugar has the cutest collection of robes and sleepwear.  The floral fabrics are gorgeous.   This Bulgari lotion is a treat after the bath. It smells divine. A quick squirt of my favorite fragrance and off to bed I go.

The Gardenia topiary you ask?  My sweet aunt sent me two of these beauties as a housewarming gift and since it has been so dry here my husband and I bring them in the bathroom before we shower or bathe to give it the moisture it needs. This was my mom's idea. Isn't she clever? They have become our bathroom buddies, and let me tell you they sure round-off the perfect bathroom experience. 

Do you have a bath-time ritual?  Any tips I should embrace?