Inexpensive Black and White Closet Update

Since Spring Break is around the corner for us and we will be going to warmer climates I have begun to see what outfits to bring along.  Last summer I got this dress from ASOS (second from the left) and have yet to wear it.  So it will come on this trip for sure.  Isn't it cute, beachy, and feminine yet elegant all in one? I started browsing to see what other inexpensive cute things I could find and then fell in love with this skirt (they only have a few sizes left!). And what a skirt it is!  Since black and white are my go-to travel colors I picked out my favorite pieces for you. Oh and I think most everything is under $75.

I have ordered two things from ASOS before and have been really happy with the quality.  I know, you wonder because of the prices, right? 

Black and white is is easy-  everything matches with everything so you can pack less.  Additionally, one always looks smart in black and white.    Is black and white part of your go-to travel ensembles?