Art to Outfit || Black, White and Red

What is black and white and REaD all over?  This cute outfit of course! (although if you answered 'newspaper' you are also correct).  I'm starting to take a look at the Spring collections and my closet needs for warmer weather.  I'm adoring these cute black, white and red finds that go so perfectly together.  I mean- the earrings!  Tassel perfection.

The white Tibi top seems like the easiest thing to put on all Summer long and even in Spring layered under a cardigan or blazer.  The jeans are sensational and can be easily carried on to the fall later on.  The cute Zara ballerina's are precious and inexpensive.  The tote is so chic with its simple lines and bold red interior.  And really the earrings just bring it all together- tribal, summery and just happy.  And the source of all the inspiration is this powerful painting by Giant Hermanto from Indonesia.  

Black and white is such a classic color combination and the red just adds all the interest and spice.  Are you a fan of red?  I know most of the time it is hard to incorporate into an outfit.  But you can never go wrong with red accessories.