A Collection of Chocolate Pie Recipes || In Celebration of Pi Day

Pi day (yup there is a national day to celebrate the famous 3.14285...number) is coming up and since I'm always looking for dessert inspiration I thought it would be the perfect excuse to make a pie- and of course it had to be chocolate. If the idea of a chocolate pie excites you as it does me here is a collection of chocolate pie recipes that I have bookmarked for future reference.  This is such fine inspiration-

Funny how celebrating PI day has turned into an excuse to eat pies. Growing up we used to go to a restaurant whose signature dessert was a chocolate pie. It was so perfect and delicious.  I'm not sure how we got a hold of the recipe, but we did, and I used to make it with my friends and of course we would almost eat the entire thing right out of the oven. This recipe disappeared somehow but I'm on a mission to get my hands on it.  One of my childhood friends must have it still.  In honor of this lost recipe I decided to make this delicious Martha Stewart chocolate and meringue pie.  It was delicious!  Proof- we all had seconds.  Have you ever tried a chocolate pie?  Or do you have a favorite recipe I should know about?

[top photo by me and pie collection via Foodie]

[This is a sponsored post by Foodie.com a website I genuinely like using and getting inspiration from.  All opinions are my own.]