Who says moving can't be glamorous?

Finally! Moving day is TODAY!  By the photos you would almost think I am sipping champagne and prancing around in high heels right?  Well, it's exactly the opposite- I'm sweaty and dusty and very likely smelly too.  But I had to indulge in the idea, at least for five minutes) that moving could be perfectly civilized and glamorous.  I'm a mix of all sorts of stressed, excited, anxious and overwhelmed.  My arms and back are achy, my mind is going a million miles a minute with the long list of to-dos and I have my fingers crossed for everything to go smoothly.  I tried to find some cute 'moving day' photos on pinterest and the web but was immensely disappointed. The photos were boring and ordinary and I needed 'uplifting' and 'pretty' so I had to make my own reality and stage them for you. It was a five minute stage but it is better than the alternative (who wants to see piles of boxes and garbage bags?).  Since I haven't gotten around to packing my closet I pulled one of my favorite dresses.  This one I wore to my rehearsal dinner and to my dad's 70th birthday.  I have the best memories of both nights, so I decided to add some glamour to the otherwise odious and traumatic moving day experience.

The heels you see are from one of my favorite Spanish stores Bimba y Lola, which has amazing things at very reasonable prices.  The divine perfume, Fracas, is one of my more elegant scents reserved for dinner time outings and special occasions. It is quite intoxicating (ie not for the faint of heart) and combines tuberose, jasmine and gardenia with a hint of orange blossom. Notice those carry-on luggage pieces? They are from Ghurka (this one here is my current fave).  I have had these pieces for literally 20 years and as you can see they are almost new.  We have been in some amazing trips together for both work and pleasure.  It's so interesting how attached we can become to some things.  I never thought I could speak so highly of luggage, but these really stole my heart and have become part of my history as they have been my partner in crime for some very fun escapades.

The sequins hanger was a Christmas present for my daughter from this etsy shop here.  They come in all kinds of colors and even small sizes too.  My daughter adores them.  They make a great and unusual gift for kids or teenagers.

I'm not sure if and when I will be able to log on this week but I promise to return soon with some Valentine's gift ideas.  In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed so that I can remain centered and calm for the next few days.  Kisses

[all photos by AC]