Currently || The Three Kings and other delights

Growing up in our house sure is fun because not only does Santa come to visit but so do The Three Wise Men or Three Kings as we call them.  They will be coming around Sunday night and of course their gifts are to make one "wiser" so I'm sure we will have some new books arriving.  We leave sugar cubes and water for the camels and some 'turron'  for the wise men.  It's such a nice tradition we look forward to it every year. 

Currently scored ||  For those of you who love all the Nate Berkus for Target items you need to see this beautiful gold lamp.  I got one for my desk and I can't wait to style it.  It is great looking in person and I predict these will sell out fast so go get yours today.

Currently excited about  ||  A few years ago I found the best planner to help me get organized.  I'm a paper person and still need a paper agenda to keep track of all my to-dos.  Erin Condren designed this fabulous 'life planner'  as she coined it.  I love that the weeks are spread out over two pages and divided into three buckets (morning, day, and night), and then it has more space at the bottom for dinner ideas or project ideas (here is where I keep my blog post ideas).  Plus the column on the left keeps my running tab of open items that get carried over from week to week.  It's a life-saver.  They are customizable in the amount of months you can get (12 vs 18) and the pretty and colorful covers are pretty fun.  If you are not happy with your current planner and organization is at the top of your list this year visit this planner to see if it is the answer you have been looking for.

I'm excited to have sent out most of my #artswap projects.  So, if you were on the list keep an eye out.  Happy weekend my sweets.