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Looking for home inspiration I found this beautiful image that had me at jewel tones. It is such a pretty corner in its bold yet simple design.  You all know color and pedestals are some of my favorite things so of course there was no way around it. I had to like this image.  I wanted to try and recreate a similar look and feel. 

I'm actually loving the price on those Chippendale chairs ($299). They are from Ballard Designs, which really has some fabulous pieces.  I have this daybed and it's wonderful.  They even let you use your own fabric if you want them to reupholster any of the pieces you buy.  Talk about practical.  And I'm thinking I need to do a post on the best pedestals around because I'm going to need to get some and I need to do my research to see what is out there.  The one pictured above is very nicely priced.  The savings on the Chippendale chair and the pedestal can let you splurge on that Greek Key stool! ha!  I have been lusting over this since I saw it upholstered in pink velvet. Gaaah! so good! They are form one of my favorite vintage furniture stores here in Dallas, Again and Again.  If you don't know about it be prepared to be amazed.  Happy hump day my friends. We are officially a week away from Christmas!