Drinks || Holiday Cocktails with Byejoe

I love a good cocktail especially in the holidays.  If its pretty and delicious it can really make a casual gathering so much more festive.  This recipe that I have for you today is DELISH!  So yummy and easy.  It contains a new-to-the-American-market liquor called byejoe, a reinvention of China’s ancient spirit baijiu, the equivalent to Mexico's tequila or Russia's vodka.  byejoe imports small batches of the original spirit from China, and then filters it again in the US.  The result is an ultra premium spirit, that is smooth and sophisticated. I think the cocktail menu at Chinese restaurants is about to get all the more exciting. 
And let me tell you: byejoe is distilled from 100% red sorghum, a super grain that is naturally high in anti-oxidants, gluten free, and yes my friends, low-cal! You can kind of say it's magical.
And how do I know so much about byejoe?  The brand is owned by one of my good friends and her husband.  I'm so proud of what they are accomplishing. It's really all very exciting. Imagine the parties at their house!! Ok, here is the recipe and remember friends you read all about byejoe here first!. And this drink is aptly called- THE RED LANTERN

I just love the pretty color of the cocktail and then it being finished off with a tiny candy cane.  I think this will be my household's new festive go to elixir of choice.  You will love byejoe and find it very versatile to mix with different things (for more mixology ideas visit here). 

And did you see that bottle design?  It is so unique! You can get a bottle online here or find a store or restaurant near you that carries it (see here).

Cin, Cin my friends!!and don't forget to enter the $100 gift certificate giveaway to Shop HDB here.

[All photos by AC]