Art Swap

Sketch42 was the first blog I ever read.  I'm not sure how I stumbled upon it but became immediately obsessed.  I love Nicole's voice. Her content is so original and I love the creative and philosophical explorations she embarks upon.  If you don't know about Sketch42 it's about art and interior design and just about creativity in general.  Nicole is just purely a cool soul and I just love everything she comes up with.  She started an art swap where she tagged fellow bloggers and creative friends to swap home-made things for the holidays.  Brilliant!!  I can't wait to send her something and see what she sends me in return.  I thought this would be a great idea to carry forward because, really, who will best appreciate something you made? Why a fellow creative of course!

As I was inspired with this idea I'm now tagging some creatives that I really admire- Gaby from The Vault Files, Jessica from The Aestate, Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda, Elizabeth from The Little Black Door, Elisa from Fancy Free Me, Danielle from Danielle Oakey Interiors, and Erin from Holtwood Hipster.  I will send them something I made and they will send me something they made (it can be anything!!).  I'm not setting a deadline before the Holidays because I feel like this is a very rushed time of year, so let's leave it open and everyone can work on a timing that works for them.  Send me your address and I will send you mine. 

I look forward to telling you all about the exchange! Creating and sharing are such a wonderful way to connect with others.

[image via Sketch42]