Food || Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip Squares

I'm totally pumpkin obsessed lately.  We have been eating pumpkin soup non-stop from the same pumpkins that sat in our steps during the month of October.  And I still can't get enough of them.  I was dying to try a sweet pumpkin recipe with some chocolate and after researching different recipes I tried this one.  Yummy!!  So good.  They were gone in just a few days.

Get the recipe here.  What pumpkin recipes do you you recommend?  I'm still on a pumpkin kick so I want to try a few more, especially with Thanksgiving around the corner.  Plus the benefits of pumpkin are multiple- it is high in fiber, they have tons of iron which helps support a strong immune system, helpful in fighting cancer because it reduces inflammation.  Healthy and delicious, a winning combination! Make something pumpkinny today!

[ all photos by A.C.]