Currently || A collection of things happening now

We made it!  I love Thanksgiving week because its all about food, getting together, and being thankful (and no presents are involved!).  The perfect week if you ask me.  I am currently.....

Currently Thinking About ||  I had not noticed this other years but there are so many butterflies around here this time of year.  I am currently seeing them everywhere- at my daughter's school, the front lawn, even on the highway.  They are so beautiful to see fluttering about.  I researched a bit and I guess Dallas is in their migratory path down to Mexico.  And it seems they are a bit late in arriving so this is the reason why I'm seeing so many now.  Just beautiful!  I saw this work of art in this month's House Beautiful and fell in love with it.  It's a piece by Briana Sophia. She collected butterfly wings and then scanned them in to make these kaleidoscope like images.  You can buy it here.

Currently Wishing for ||  This wishbone hook!!  It would be perfect in my closet.  You can get it here.

Currently Reading ||  I was so happy to be invited to a fabulous talk by the author of this book and thought he was brilliant.  He just received the very prestigious Hiett prize.  So, of course I had to get this book as Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors. I am intrigued to read what he learned from her. (You can read more about the book and the author here). Buy the book here.

Currently Planning  ||  Yes, THE trip for a six-year-old.  A trip to Disney World.  I was hoping to avoid the trip all together but alas the situation has presented itself and we are taking advantage.  I'm sure it will be amazing living it all through Little Miss A's eyes.  Some good friends have given us plenty of tips (sooo helpful!), let me know if you have any as well.  Oh and the most exciting part we have a wedding after in Miami and guess who gets to be a flower girl??!  We have one excited little girl in this household. (You can buy the print here).

Also, if you love flatware and knowing the history behind things.  You need to read this post on the Francis the 1st silverware pattern here by the lovely Courtney Price.  And in case you missed my guest post this week over at Sea Island Drive you can see my table scape for last year's holiday and how to get a similar look here.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope all your 'currently-ies' are positive, exciting, and that they bring you all great joys.