Happy Columbus Day

Happy Columbus day weekend!  We had such an exciting weekend as Little Miss A. lost her first tooth.  Oh my!  We don't really have a tooth fairy come visit us in this home but a little mouse instead....El Ratoncito Perez.  This tradition of the little mouse began in Madrid in the late 1890s when writer Luis Coloma was commissioned to write a story to Alfonso XIII (who was king from birth) as he had just lost a tooth.  It is interesting how traditions
originate and get woven into our daily lives. Little Miss A even went to bed extra early tonight so he could come right away.  I have been polling parents about what the too fairy's going rate is nowadays and I notice a great discrepancy.  In some households she will bring a silver dollar, in others $20 dollars per tooth!  Some tooth fairies even bring toys!  The first tooth usually brings in a higher rate than the others and on average kids receive $3.7 per tooth (per a survey conducted by Visa Inc.)  I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and find out what the little mouse brought!

What is the going rate in your home for a tooth? 

[all photos by AC]