Book Review || Fifth Avenue Style

This book is a treasure.  A true insider's guide to creating beauty.  Howard Slatkin's  attention to detail is refreshing and his narration of the project is educational and entertaining.  When I received this beauty wrapped so thoughtfully with such a sweet handwritten note, I knew I needed to reserve a special time in my day to go through it.  The book and his apartment are without a doubt a labor of love.  The book absorbs you into this beautiful world of luxury. I highly recommend it- it's not just another coffee table book, it's a coffee table you actually want to READ through! And let me tell you, I found it riveting.

Slatkin takes you through the entire project- from how he found the apartment, the design hurdles he had to overcome, the reasons behind his design decisions, the inspiration behind the rooms.  Every bit of this book is beautiful because his view of the world is beautiful- its all about patience and refinement and truly enjoying the process.  This is a welcome change in philosophy from today's disposable society.

Before I show you photos of his home I wanted to welcome you to this post much like Howard welcomes his guests and readers....with a glass of champagne (virtual in this case of course!!)

oh and I need to introduce you to his pup as well (he is a Norfolk Terrier). some photos of the interiors-

This book is full of amazing decorating and design ideas.  You will be inspired to raise the bar in your own home.  My favorite part? his narration- It is very entertaining and very well written.  I admire Howard Slatkin's talent and personality.  He would be such a special friend to have!  I can get a sense for his personality and see how clients would love working with him (aside from his astounding talent, of course). Get your copy here.  Thank you to Vendome Press and Howard Slatkin for this book.

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