A Little Girl's Dream Closet complete with sparkly hangers

I sometimes look at catalogs with my daughter.  We talk about things we like and things we don't as much.  It's cute seeing what catches her eye.  Of course, if its pink and sparkly chances are she wants it.  So when we talk about her bigger girl room aside from wanting zebras somewhere (I'm glad there are some cute fabrics and wallpaper that will do the trick) we don't agree on much (ie "No we will have no peace-sign fabric upholstered headboards").  So, I have tried channeling her inner designer into a more hidden and smaller space- Her future 'small' but nonetheless- 'walk-in-closet'.

She wants sparkle, sparkle, cherries and more sparkle.  Thank you to- 1) Serena and Lily for creating affordable and cute cherry wallpaper- 2) The Flair exchange for these perfect sparkly paper garlands 3) and Home Depot for this amazingly cute and affordable (and sparkly) sunburst mirror.  She will inherit a similar chandelier to the one above that currently hangs on the powder bathroom.  And I figured I could get her some of the hangers for Christmas from Pearls and Pastries.  She would love these!!  This cute etsy shop does all kinds of hangers in all color sequins.  I think this idea is so fun for a little girl's closet.

Other things we already have and can re-use, like the Ikea stool, which currently sits on my closet and can be easily reupholstered in one of the many fabrics in my closet.  I adore this stool and how versatile it is.

Let's see what develops.  I will keep you posted. Happy Monday!! Oh and in case you were wondering about Little Miss A.'s first opera adventure- it went well.  We saw Jack and the Beanstalk which was short and sweet.  The perfect introduction.