Life is a Compromise- An Interior Design Concession

Life is a compromise right?  Life has a way of constantly reminding us that we have no control over everything.  And in these situations where things don't turn out how we envision them we must compromise and make the  best out of a not so ideal situation.  The compromise I'm alluding to today has to do when my husband arrived home with this-

It's not terrible, but its huge, expensive (at least for what I would have paid for it) and not in the style of our home at all.  He really "must have it in his library" and well, we choose our battles and I just had no energy for this one.  My way of compromising?  "Ok, fine but I choose the plant and it will be a fiddle leaf fig tree".  So, dearest friends and readers I will at some point be the owner of my very first fiddle leaf fig tree!  And I am actually thinking the beautifully large green leaves could look beautiful kind of alright inside this thing.  

Yes?  What do you think?  Will I survive?  Any major interior design concessions you have had to make?  Do tell, misery loves company.  

Oh and if you are wondering- No he does not read the blog.

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