Art to Outfit || Yellow and Burgundy

Yellow and burgundy- an unlikely combination...or is it a likely one? The inspiration for this post began with the dropdead burgundy skirt,  Oh my!  If you knew me in real life you would know this skirt is SO ME!  Classic, but with an added the color, the cut, love it all.  Ok the booties are a pretty close second.  And I have to say that painting really has fabulous colors.  And of course I'm really digging the tote bag with the sort of dipped in gold quality, similar to the edgy earrings.  And the more sophisticated take on the friendship bracelet is kind of cute, I have to say.

Now, I'm really dying to own this entire outfit.  But like I always say- it's good to want things. Ok, my loves, are you all excited about NYC fashion week?  Can't wait to read all the coverage and see what trends will really have staying power.  Have you ever been?  is it as exciting as it sounds?  I would be happy just to take photos outside the tent.  So, back to the combination on hand- yellow and burgundy is it for you? yes? No?