A Future DIY || The Barmoire

Do you know about Barmoires?  You guessed it- a bar within an armoire. Apparently they are a 'thing' as Jessica was the one who introduced me to the term when I asked for her opinion on paint colors.  I have known the concept all my life because my parents always had their bar in an antique armoire, but I'm loving this new-to-me term 'Barmoire'.  Sounds exciting right? 

I really love a discreet bar too....so this idea is ideal.  I searched high and low for some good eye candy of barmoires so you can picture the potential but I came out empty handed.  The images were either too small or not exciting aesthetically for me to post.  So I guess, I have a heavy burden to produce the world's best barmoire ever!  So, here is the story- but please don't panic when you see the photos.  You know I'm all for giving you beautiful photos to look at and rarely do you see something ugly around here....but here it is-

I bought this Crate and Barrel armoire right out of college with my first job's signing bonus.  It was so exciting.  I needed a place for my TV and extra storage.  So I bought this thinking I was the coolest person on earth (needless to say interior design blogs didn't exist back then.  It served its purpose well for many years but the colors just didn't cut it anymore. It has been in my garage for years and I almost got rid of it a few times and just recently realized what an amazing bar it would make.  Plus what a fun DIY this would be.  The sky is the limit and I'm dreaming big...so let's see how it all develops.  But this is what I'm thinking.

1 ||  I want to paint the outside and inside.  I was thinking a navy blue outside and then yellow for the inside?  I'm still undecided.

2||  This needs a mirror backsplash.  Ikea sells these mirror tiles with tape on the back that could be an interesting option.

3 ||  I could maybe even upholster the inside with some fun fabric?  Hmmmm

4 ||  How fun would it be to have some sort of neon sign inside to say something like 'Cin, Cin' or "La Vie en Rose'.  Check out this place that sells letters individually.

5 || And of course I would pack it in with beautiful accesories, bowls, even art leaning against the backsplash? This will just be icing on the cake.

I'm so inspired and have so many ideas rolling around my head.  Give me a while until I report back.

Any fun home projects that get your juices flowing lately?  what are you working on?