Trendspotting || Eye See You

I'm noticing eyes are all the rage lately.  Kind of creepy but kind of intriguing?  I'm digging the attention they give- full on alert stares.  It would be kind of nice to doze off while our clothing keeps focused on the task at hand....if only. 

I'm mesmerized by the red skirt.  I think it would be a fun fall piece combined with a blazer.  Kenzo's F/W collection is all about these eyes, kind of quirky and fun. And how about that sweet cyclops iPhone case? It's from Kate Spade's collaboration with NYC artist Craig Readman- so cute!! Any collaboration that creates a donut bangle is pretty cool in my book.  Also loving Lulu Guinesses clutch and tote.  And that eye sweatshirt would be perfect paired with a black plaid skirt or even jeans.

All these eyes remind me of the myth about Argos, Hera's faithful servant, who had one hundred eyes all over his body. He had to watch a white cow and keep it away from Zeus.  But Zeus was able to put him to sleep and killed him to free the cow.  So to commemorate his faithful servant, Hera preserved Argos' eyes forever in the peacock's tail.  Just another example, of how inspiration is everywhere and ideas are recycled. I would feel a little like Argos wearing that red skirt. Here is an image of Argo so you can envision what 100 eyes looks like (no wonder he was such a good guard....he had eyes everywhere!).

and here are his eyes immortalized on a peacock's tail.

I'm not too dorky right?  So, back to the eye trend.....yes? or no?