On My mind || A rainbow kind of a world

I'm calling it in early this weekend and declaring that today is my Friday equivalent!  Since it's all rainbows and colored sprinkles over here (literally as little Miss A saw her first rainbow and we have been eating so much ice cream)  I chose bold and colorful beauties to ogle at today.  Let's start from the top- In love with this clutch from Tracey Tanner.
And what about those amazing purple Kate Spade flats?!! Love that they are metallic.  And the scarf is almost too pretty to wear (almost!). Wear it with jeans and a white tee and the scarf would just makes the outfit. And I'm dying over these two prints- especially the round one by Marc Quinn.  It's called the Eye of History as it is part of an exhibit that explores the relationship of art and science.  Striking isn't it?  And who doesn't need a little radish for a key chain?  So chic!

On this bright note I will leave you to have a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy these last days of summer. We will be seeing old friends, having dinner with my advisor from high school and her husband who was one of my fave English teachers (yes, they are that cool!  they even came to our wedding!), going to the beach, visiting some museums (of course!), and swimming in some local lakes.  Wishing you a happy, happy August!