Lighting Goodness

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Just some more lighting beauties.  I know, I definitely have lighting on my mind lately but I just love a beautiful light source.  To me investment in art and lighting are key to a beautiful home.  It doesn't have to be expensive just beautiful to look at- and boy are these beautiful, and you can add interesting, and daring, and even exciting. The artist behind these lamps finds vintage pieces and rewires them, hence the studio's name REWIRE LA (first spotted via Sketch 42 here)

And another fixture that has me drooling and daydreaming is this fabulous sconce which I first spotted on Bijou and Boheme (how does  Christine find the best things, always!!)

sconce, WIlliam Haines, mimosa lane blog

Of course, make a sconce all shiny and sparkly and any woman will fall immediately in love with it! Good strategy.  This beauty is from William Haines.  Its a sculpture in itself.  What items would you be willing to invest more in or give higher importance to for your home?

[All chandeliers in the first image are from here, and this second one is from here]