DIY || Pom Pom Sun Hat

pom pom sun hat diy
pom pom sun hat DIY

So most of us are loving pompoms  lately as we have put them on pillows, curtains, and remember Gaby's guest post here? So, I figured we need a DIY to celebrate this little pompom obsession.  This fun sun hat is perfect for lazy summer days by the pool or beach and its so easy!
 You will need-

Steps -

1 || Measure the amount of pompom fringe you need to go around the hat's brim and cut it.
2 || Little by little glue the inside edge of the hat's brim with fabric glue and start adding the fringe on top.  Do this all the way around.
3 ||  Let the hat rest and put some weight all around the brim to make sure the glue sticks on tight. ( I just used some coffee table books).
4  || Enjoy!!

pom pom sun hat DIY
pom pom sun hat DIY

Easy peasey!!  It makes any staycation so much more glamorous!  How cute would it be to make these as favors for a little girl's pool party!  I can think of so many wonderful color combinations to try!  Let me know if you attempt it! I would love to see your end result!

[ hat is from target (similar here, but make sure the one you get is floppy to get the chic effect) | pompoms | fabric glue ]