Art thou Inspired?

Today I have the fabulous Tobe from Because It's Awesome sharing all the perfect elements for an inspired cozy and girly nook.  I told you I had fabulous guest posts for you so you don't miss me too much.  Here she is!!

Hi, friends of Albertina! Tobe here from Because It's Awesome, thrilled to be filling in on Mimosa Lane for the day. Since I know our girl loves art, I thought I would put together a room inspired by a piece from the very talented Rebecca Newport. I work at my kitchen table a lot and I find that I love a round desk -- especially so if I had a nice cushy wingback to pull up to it! Plenty of feminine accessories with simple shapes lend just the right amount of girly to the space. And that etagere? Please. Every room could use one of those!

Thanks for having me, Albertina!

Thanks Tobe!!  Oh my YES, I need that bookcase.  It's FABULOSO!!  Visit Tobe here.

art // etagere // tubular burst objet // studded box // pillow // lamp // chair // desk