The Next Few Weeks

Sorry I missed you all yesterday!  Apart from the millions of things I had to do to get ready for our trip today I got sick!  So its been kind of hectic here.  So, we are ready for our long flight this evening.  In case you missed it we are going to Spain (starting off in Malaga).  You can see some photos of our past trips here and here.  I wanted to fill you in on the next few weeks.
I asked some of my all time favorite bloggers that I really admire and adore ( GabyErinTobeNadiaElizabeth) to fill in for me with some guest posts.  I was blown away by their will LOVE them so know you will be in good hands.  And I did a few posts ahead of time so will pop in here and there.  Also, I will posting just three times a week....cause I figured we are all traveling, going to the beach, and basically living 'real' life and probably have less time to read blogs.  The posting schedule will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  And as it would follow I will be commenting less on all the blogs I usually visit.  Don't hate me.  I will still be reading and promise to catch-up upon my return.  But know that I still love you all!

If you love snail mail and would love to get some.  Send me your address and I will send you a postcard.

Virtual hugs and kisses or as the Spanish would say besos y abrazos virtuales.

[ image by Tim Walker ]