Happy Father's Day Weekend

Happy Father's day weekend!!  I'm so excited I get to spend it with my dad this year.  Sometimes we can make it work, but not always.  So its extra special when we can spend Father's day together.  Let me tell you a few things about my dad- like the image above says my dad is and has been my anchor.  He makes me feel safe and protected and always adored.  He is one of the gentlest and most tender souls I know. He is brilliant, courageous, and perseverant. And he has faced the most trying of times with grace, patience and humor.

My daughter adores him.  She says he is the softest person she knows.  She always grabs him by the hand when he needs help getting up from a chair and likes to lead him to where he wants to go.  The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is a special one.  And then of course we get to celebrate my husband who is also the best dad ever (I mean what little girl gets offered chocolate for breakfast)? Hmmmm.... But in all seriousness he is a wonderful role model. He loves and protects her and obsses over every little detail of her life to make sure he knows everything even if he can't be there for a particular event.  They are the two loves of my life.  

What do you love best about your dad? your husband as a father?

Have a wonderful weekend!! Celebrate and enjoy!