Champagne Anyone?, Louis Vuitton Noe BB bag, Louis Vuitton Noe BB bag

A good family friend who is always in the 'know' sent me a fabulous article on the iconic Noe bag by Louis Vuitton.  She remembered I had one.  It has been in my closet for a good many years waiting for its revival.....and so I think it may be here?

This bag was designed in 1932 to transport champagne bottles (oh my!).  To live in an era when you needed  special bag just for your champagne.  The idea for it to was to be like a bucket bag that would safely carry five champagne bottles.  And now, 81 years later, Louis Vuitton is launching a new smaller version called the Noe BB.... and boy is it cute!  I was so inspired and so happy my 20 year old bag is making a comeback I planned a mini romantic picnic in our backyard as an excuse to carry a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in my now "it" bag even if it is from the kitchen to the yard.

What is sitting in your closet waiting for a revival?

[all photos by me for ML]