Birds of a Feather

I ate too much, but happy Monday anyway.  My weekend was oh so fabulous with plenty of time with friends and family so it really doesn't get better than that....oh yes and it was sunny (although chilly for Dallas) and beautiful.  So, today I have feathers on my it because its Spring and all the cute birdies are making an appeareance in our yard? It's actually because of a DIY I'm concocting involving feathers.  I'm really excited about this one.  I just hope it turns out how I envision it.

While I work on that though here are some feathery beauties for you.  Ok, let's start with the pretty clutch!!  SO cute and perfect and pretty much goes with anything and everything.  I'm so into these canvas clutches lately.....I have several.  I find them to be perfect for Spring and Summer.  As for the gold feather cute!!  Love it.  And then there is the decoupaged feather tray....this could be a good DIY.   I was just talking to my friend Lily about DIYing with gold leaf.  I have never attempt it and am thinking anything with gold leaf has be a huge success.  So, let's see what I can come up with.  Ans lastly, this awesome print and others in the collection are hypnotizing me more and more.

Ok, get busy.  Its Monday and am sure we have so much to do.  Here is to one happy adn productive week ahead! Cheers!