Shop Scoop || Latitude

Gosh, I really hope the weather was as fab this weekend for you as it was here.  It was perfection! Sunny, clear blue skies, breeze, warm but not too hot, and most importantly - there were NO MOSQUITOES!  

Whenever I travel abroad I love getting a special souvenir to remind me of the beautiful place and the magical trip.  Whenever I go to Spain, for example, I love getting a pair of their beautiful espadrilles (Castaner ones are my favorite!). But sometimes traveling afar has to take a backseat as other financial responsibilities may take precedence like mortgages, school tuition, and other boring but important expenditures.  Well, this site that I discovered this weekend called Latitude helps by offering a beautiful selection of carefully curated beauties from around the world.  I can tell you I easily fell in love with easily 60% of everything they had.  I may have been living under a rock (I usually am) but I had never heard of this place.  I love their tag line- " Shop the world. Flaunt you wheres."  So clever!  They pretty much sell beautiful jewelry, clothing, and accessories from around the world.  The items with the little red hearts above are my faves (that dress is a beauty, isn't she?!).

Since I won't be able to get to India or Bali anytime soon, I think I will bookmark this site. 

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