Raving about Redd's Ruffles

Happy Tuesday! Happy April! Happy, Happy!!  I'm so glad to be back home.  I love going on vacation, but I love coming back home.  Of course, I'm a bit behind on everything....you know, emails, bills, errands, to-dos.....And of course I won't be stepping on the scale for a few days, so you can add dieting to the list as well!  But, we rested and bonded and it was fabulous.  So, back to reality and life as usual and blogging.  

These Miles Redd curtains have stuck to me like glue since the first time I saw them.  You know Miles Redd is one of my favorite designers (remember this post?) and I think everything he does is magnificent, especially the lacquered walls, which must happen sometime in the near future.....and these ruffled curtains.....oh the ruffled curtains.....

So feminine, so elegant, so chic. Are they to your liking? or too girly?  BTW, I got his Big Book of Chic for Christmas and seriously love it.  What an amazing source of inspiration and it looks pretty good on my coffee table.  Oh and I came accross a list of his seven secrets to getting ahead from a wonderful WSJ article on him.

1 || Align yourself with the best people and then absorb everything you can from them.
2 || Accept criticism from those you respectβ€”it will make you so much better.
3 || Say yes when you're young and no when you're old.
4 || Exercise, eat right, and sleep.
5 || Clothes make the man.
6 || Return phone calls and show up.
7 || Preserve great beauty with good sense.

I love 3 and 6!  Have a wonderful day.

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