My Furniture Lust List || Karl Springer

Just recently while perusing one of my favorite websites, 1stdibs, I came across this table (below) and realized we used to have this coffee table lacquered in green when I was growing up. 

So, I call my mom immediately to ask her about it.  And the answer is Yes it was a Karl Springer table, and nope we no longer have it.  She gave it away. Gave it away!!  What??!! I thought it could be in storage somewhere.   

Growing up I always thought it was bizarre to have a grass green colored coffee table and now I think it would be the coolest thing ever.  So, I have decided that if and when I have a few thousand dollars burning a hole in my pocket I would like to invest in a Karl Springer piece.  I was always aware that I lived in beautiful spaces growing up and now looking back in photo albums I can appreciate these decor choices  with a hopefully more sophisticated eye. 


Aren't all these pieces fabulous?  Karl Springer was a German designer who came to New York in the late fifties wanting to be a bookbinder.  Good thing he liked to be challenged and began working on small decorative objects covering them in leather.  These designs caught the attention of a buyer at Bergdorf Goodman and soon he began attracting more sophisticated clients with more sophisticated needs.  He set-up his own workshop and moved into designing and manufacturing furniture.  His style is inspired by classical Chinese and Art Deco. He was credited with reviving shagreen (the rough skin of an Asian shark).  Interesting right?

What things are you saving your pretty pennies for?

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