A Couple of Things

What is your favorite place to go for vacation? Do you have a special place you dream of going back to? Is there a particular city you are drawn to and even though you know it by heart you can't get enough of it and need to visit it regularly?  Ooohh...I have many places like this.  Many cities I love revisiting and many spots I love and would happily go back to. 

Today, at The Peak of Tres Chic I'm sharing one of these favorite spots.  Come check out my post about this beautiful place and see what I would pack for this dream trip.  Really, it is a bit of heaven on earth! Come see it here.

Also,  because I love being in several places at once- you need to check-out the printed pillow Mimosa Lane giveaway over at Sadie and Stella's!!  Go enter!  (she may put it up later in the day.  If its not there right away check-in later!)

Ok, jetting off to spend time with my favorite two people.  I will still do a post here and there....and will be posting on InstagramI won't be able to come visit all your lovely blogs but promise to catch-up next week!

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