Valentine's Day Gifties

A little Valentine's Day gift guide in case you still needed some ideas for yourself, for a friend, for you mom, boyfriend, husband, child, niece......etc, etc, etc......I'm easy...I'm good with number three.  Give me some chocolate and I am yours forever. Even if it is just Hershey's.

But you know what I'm getting for real? an iPhone! (ok I already got it last weekend).  I was probably the only person in the world without one.  I'm really excited, although now I have to work on it...get some apps (for me and my little one), get some tunes, learn how to use Instagram (this is probably my favorite part).  My daughter is getting some fuzzy socks from Target that she loves and my husband is getting a tie (he doesn't read the blog, so I'm not spoiling anything!).

Isn't that wine so much fun!!  And that cute necklace is from my friend Holly's new etsy shop.  Dying over those lip elbow patches.  Too cute! 

How about you?  what are your go to gifts this year?

P.S. And I'm also over at Preciously Me covering for my sweet friend Nadia who has taken a jaunt to London for a few days...ahhhh...the life of a Parisian.  I will be swooning over black and white stripes there.  Come visit me!

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