Wallpaper || What is your powder bath personality?

The powder bathroom to me is one of the most important rooms in a home.  It is the room where you can let lose and add adventurous and unexpected elements.  The powder bath is where I always like to have an element of surprise.  My previous powder bathroom had red/deep pink high-gloss walls and ceiling.  Friends were quite shocked when they opened the door from the unassuming hallway to this little gem of a room.  Now, I have high-gloss turquoise....also fun but not as dramatic.  My next powder bath will be showing off its personality through its wallpaper for sure.  

There are so many beautiful wallpaper options out there waiting to be used in creative ways.....I'm wondering what kind of a powder room personality would you have? Wallpaper is fun, adds drama, and can definitely make a statement.

The above powder is to die for no? I would call this 'Chinoiserie chic glam'.  And this one below? Toned-down neutrals with a splash of industrial?

This one  is  a playful powder for sure.

Haunting and quirky.

Classic and romantic?

Here are few more fun ones.

Wallpaper makes add so much.  The Scalamandre zebras are killing me.  I remember them from Gino's restaurant in NY (Woody Allen was having lunch there that first day I went) and have always been attracted to the wallpaper's whimsy.  I know there are everywhere....but look at them in brown!  Decorator's Best is the best online source I found.  I even found a few options on this site at better prices than other places (like this one they have it for $115 and Anthro has it for $198.  Ooops! They have different names but it sure seems like the same one to me!)

So would you go bold in the powder? or do you prefer to keep it in line with the rest of your home?

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