The Turban || I want it to trend


They are chic and exciting..... and yes difficult to wear, I know.  They come in and out of the fashion scene.  Different designers have featured them in their collections throughoutthe years.  And the trend never really has stuck, but I have a feeling we will start seeing more of it.  We tend to look to the past for inspiration in interior design, art, and fashion, striving to take something old and make it new and relevant again.  I think the turban could make a revival?  I loved when Mrs. Lilien did a lovely post about them some weeks ago.   Honestly, I would wear one.

and here is my version.  I wish I had a better photo....cause it was really cute. 

And just in case you want to experiment...these were my faves.....

And if a turban is not in your future another toned down option is the headscarf.... Cool beans indeed.  Be different, be cool.

images [12 , 3 , 4- Marisa Berenson by Slim Aarons, 1968, photo by me]  turban choices [123 ]