Clothing Scoop || Best (Warm) Coat Ever - Moncler

Are you in love yet? I cannot express my desire for one of these super warm, chic, and cozy coats.  Its rare when a coat can get you this excited.  Usually this kind of fascination is just reserved for handbags, shoes, and maybe even some dresses (oh and of course a Lindsey Adelman chandelier).  Moncler is the brand behind these beauties.  


They are an investment without a doubt.  But, once you have one of these it will be passed on the next generation.  Promise. The quality is outstanding, and well, the design speaks for itself.  I bought mine in 2001 when I was living in NY, which was having a particularly cold winter.  I needed to step up my winter gear.  The cute little red pea coat just wasn't cutting it anymore so I got the mother of all down coats - a goldenish puffer coat. Boy was I happy camper after that.  I will let you know this, back then Moncler was not high-end, not until 2003 when it was acquired by an Italian entrepreneur who also became its creative director.  He revamped the brand into a high-end, top design coat and clothing line company.  So, you could say mine is the poor distant cousin, a Moncler no-less.


The first coat is my favorite.  But really, I would be happy with any of them.  See their entire collection here.  Thoughts? Likes? dislikes?


[all images via Moncler]