Yummy Interiors || Greg Natale

Interesting how a photo on pinterest (the one above) can take you down the rabbit's hole.  And I'm so glad I took the little scenic side trip because it lead me to this fabulous designer, Greg Natale.  I'm attracted to his use of patterns (note the tile in the bathrooms almost seems like wall paper) and his mix of colors.  The kitchen is pretty cool too with those amazing pantry doors (or are they refrigerator doors?  I see a vent at the bottom so they could be).  Don't get me started on the stair handrail.

I thought you would enjoy this eye candy.  Really the bathrooms are my fave rooms in this house.  The tile patterns and color combinations are just too good.  The rest of his portfolio is mouthwatering and I may need to do another post on just his kitchens.  Check him out here.

So sorry about not posting yesterday.  These days are simply cray, cray.  You know, doing a million things and doing them all a mile a minute......Its an exciting time of the year though and I'm loving every minute of it. Hope you are too!! xx

[all images from Greg Natale]