Tata Harper @Neiman's

Last Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a skincare workshop by Tata Harper at Neiman Marcus (Dallas).  I have been using her products for the last couple of years and really swear by them.  They are 100% natural and really deliver amazing results.  My skin is hydrated and feels like no major wrinkles are setting in (or at least this is my hope!)

Kristen Erb from Neiman Marcus organized this fun event (Thank you!).  We were seated in haute couture, which provided for a very exciting backdrop, and were treated to champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. We learned a lot about skincare- how to take-off make-up, cleanse, dry, and hydrate.  And after everyone's skin was glowing and refreshed there were a lot of converts which was exciting to witness.

The advantages of Tata Harper products are numerous, but for me the main ones are- organic and natural ingredients, wonderful results, and a friendly price point.  A few of my family members have had cancer so to use products that aren't harmful to my body is a sigh of relief.  At least one less thing to worry about.  I have written about Tata before here if you want to learn more about her.  She is one fabulous lady and is changing the industry for sure by elevating the bar.

Take care of your skin ladies.  You may be young and have flawless skin now but this will likely not last forever.  The name of the game is prevention....a little everyday will do wonders...I'm hoping anyway.  

[ all photos by me]