Mongolian Lamb Stool DIY ||Inspired by Preciously Me

Happy Monday cuties!  So excited about this DIY.  You know me and my easy DIYs...they are pretty much spray paint, decoupage, spray paint some more, use painter's tape, gold leafing pen....and TA-DA!!! a beautiful result.  Well, except for the Ikea hack dresser here.  That was a bit more hardcore.  But not even that one had me cutting wood or needing some power tools so this is the reason why I'm so proud of this DIY- it was my inititation to more difficult DIYs.....but I came out on the other side- happy and triumphant.

I have to acknowledge my sweet and dear friend Nadia, from Preciously Me, who was the one who came up with this Ikea Hack.  Her stool, styling, and post (see here) were so beautiful that I was inspired to try it myself.  People read blogs for different reasons and what keeps me coming back to a certain blog is because I have found a source of inspiration in them.  Inspiration to get out there and create a beautiful piece of furniture, to style an area differently, to create an accessory for my home or myself, to decorate a more beautiful table for a dinner party, to cook more special meals, to read more, to update my wardrobe....basically, I love blogs that inspire me to want to make my world and my friends' and family's world more beautiful and meaningful. Enter Nadia and her sweet blog which curates amazingly decorated homes.  When I saw her stool I was mesmerized and had to try it voila!

My home is now two  Mongolian wool stools cozier and richer.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this DIY. I hope you get inspired as well!  See directions here.

Some of you were asking about the best way to do gold dipped legs.  I just measured 2 inches from the bottom and used blue painter's tape to cover the rest of the leg (so I just left exposed what I wanted painted gold).  First I primed the area with spray primer and then I did two coats of gold spray paint.  C'est tout!
[all images by yours truly]