My Favorite Things | Lindsay from Sadie + Stella

Yeay!  I have Lindsay from Sadie + Stella here today for you!!  I'm so excited about her favorite things.  Her interior designing skills are dynamite, she is one of the best pinners I know (seriously she has been voted as such with almost 8,000 followers) and has just one of the best blogging voices out there.  She is one sweet and charismatic lady with the cutest pups ever. With the utmost excitement I present Lindsay-

Hi Mimosa Lane lovers, I am Lindsay from Sadie + Stella and I am moved that Albertina asked me to participate in her Favorite Things feature. Honestly, my favorite "things" change on a daily basis. I only have a few constants: My boy (not seen here), my babies (seen here) and a highly caffeinated (seen here) or alcoholic beverage (not seen here) and a well designed room (seen here). Let's get to it. 
1  |  Favorite space in my home.  My dining room. For those of you who follow my blog, you are probably sick and tired of hearing about this reveal, but you are going to have to bear with us for those who haven't. This room is loud, proud, and full of major style. It has even inspired us to maybe dine in here rather than in front of the television. But probably not. 
2  |  Favorite fashion Item, this minute. My new Devon Baer Jewel Plaid Tunic (wearing). I have never met a tunic I didn't like, and with this being jewel toned and raw silk, I am thinking this is going to be a winter staple. 
3  |  Favorite babies. My dogs Stella (who I am holding) and Billie (sitting). As you can see, Stella is our feisty and fiery one. Stella does what Stella wants to do. And looking at the camera in this picture was not what she wanted to do. Billie is the loveliest and most obedient dog in the world. See, she looks when she is told. 
4  |  Favorite read. Veranda Home. I received this subscription from the boy about two years ago and I still get giddy when it arrives bi-monthly. Such gorgeous and inspiring spaces. 
5  |  Favorite beverage (besides alcoholic). Anything highly caffeinated. Espresso or Spiced Chai Tea. 
6  |  Favorite drinking receptacles. My elephant teapot and my gold french press. 
7  |  Favorite piece of furniture. Red Greek key parsons chairs . This obviously accompany my most favorite space and they do it well. 

What an amazing dining room right?!  and the babies are too cute.  Isn't Lindsay darling?  It has been a true honor having you here today. Thank you so much for sharing with us all these faves!  Go say hi here.