The launch of THE Mimosa Lane SHOP

Mimosa Lane, pouches, pompoms, is the BIG news-  I opened up a little corner of happy, happy yuminess in the Etsy universe.  Let's call this a test run and see how it goes.  Everything is my design, even the fabrics.  I hope you like what you see. To start off, some street style......, pouches, pink rhombus, pouches, grey rain, pouches, pink rhombus, ysl ring, pouches, grey rain, swarovski bracelet, madewell booties, pouches, pink and orange tile, zara sandals, pouches, blue masquerade, celine bag, pouches, pink rhombus, YSL ring, pouches, pink rhombus

And in case your home was needing some of this happiness as well....I thought of that too........, pillows, pink rhombus, pink chevron, pink and orange tile, damien hirst print, pillows, pink rhombus, pink chevron, pink and orange tile,, pillows, blue masquerade, mongolian lambswool pillow, pillows, blue masquerade, mongolian lambswool pillow, pillows, grey rain, grey velvet sofa, pillows, grey rain
Now I have TONS of pillows in inventory, sot so many in the pouches as the pouches were more of an after-thought.  I am kind of wishing it had been the other way around ....but I said this is a test run.  So, please come visit the Mimosa Lane The Shop.

A special, special thanks to my sweet friends- Steph, Caro, and Teresa who gave me their time, enthusiasm, and support as they modeled my little beauties, and to Julie who lent me her beautiful home for the pillow photos. 

Also, thanks to Tikva Nguyen for the street style photos.  He is a great photographer.  If you are in the Dallas area I recommend him.  Email me if you are interested.

And most importantly a huge thanks to my sweet mama who endured a million trips with me in search of zippers, lining, name it.

So, what is your pleasure?

[all streetstyle photos by Tikva Nguyen and all home interior photos by me]