Lacquered walls

Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes!!  I'm such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful husband, amazing daughter, such caring and special parents, such sweet and true friends, and such thoughtful readers.  I am blessed.  A year older and hopefully a little wiser :)

Something that has been making me happy for a while have been lacquered walls.  I know they have been in vogue for a while and many bloggers have blogged about them on and off throughout the last couple of years, but that doesn't mean I can't blog about them as well.  I know, been there done that....but I just really LOVE them and would consider them for my future home in a New York minute-  Oh the elegance, the glamour, the interest!  I feel like the big designers, like Miles Redd, and S.R.Gambrel, have been using lacquered walls plenty, but the mainstream, it seems to me, has not really adopted them as much as I would have thought, which is interesting but kind of nice (so if I ever do mine, my home won't be like everyone else's).  The preparation of the wall is very important and takes more work than just regular paint, so this may have something to do with it not being so widespread.  Personally, I think they are worth it for all the drama and interest that they add.  (If you want some tips I found this blog had some good ones)

Lacquered walls are great for small spaces because of the reflective quality which helps the room seem larger, and it also creates more luminosity so you can get away with using darker colors.  Lacquered walls add a sense of luxury and whimsy.  I would love to have some lacquered walls somewhere....maybe the formal living room?  Does anyone have a formal living room nowadays anyway? (but this is a conversation for another day). Do you think the lacquered look is worth the extra trouble of prepping the walls? Do you even like them? 

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