My favorite things | Courtney from Courtney Price

Happy Thursday everyone!  What a crazy week right?! I'm so, so excited to introduce you to Courtney from Courtney Price.  She is such a sweet lady with the most contagious enthusiasm you can imagine.  Courtney is an interior designer star transforming clients' spaces into their dream homes one project at a time with her great sense of refined style.  She is also a social media queen, (I still need twitter tutorials every now and again from her)  and a chef! - such a well rounded lady. The best part?! She lives in Dallas so its easy for me to see her sweet face every now and again.  So, here are her favorite things.

1 | My Favorite pet. Blizzard- my sweet, LOUD, handful of a dog.
2 | My favorite painting. this is an old old portrait of an Admiral. Every now and then I like to toss a cool old portrait into a design scheme.
3 | My favorite lamp. This is one of a pair of huge ammonite lamps. I love ammonites- they can take on a contemporary look, but can be 50-300 million years old!! I was thrilled when I found these.
4 | My favorite home accessories.  One is this crystal votive holder- I love natural elements in design- crystals, gemstones, etc. The clear crystals are mesmerizing when candle light glows from within. And the second favorite home accessory are books. I am a bookaholic. I love to read and love to be inspired.
5 | My favorite person. Husband- not pictured here but I love him :)

Thank you Courtney!  I'm such a lucky girl to count you as a friend.  And thank you for sharing with us your faves.  Don't you love the portrait? And Blizzard!?  He is indeed the cutest!

(photo by AMCisneros)