Lighting that will knock your socks off- Lindsey Adelman

My mom is the best scout for finding topic ideas for the blog.  She rips out articles from newspapers, marks pages in magazines, sends me emails with links.  She has a great eye.  Way back in May she saved me a hardcopy of this article for me from the New York Times Style Magazine.  I put it in my brainstorming pile and this morning I was reminded of it when I saw a spectacular chandelier over at Sketch42 from the same designer, Lindsey Adelman.  I have to share these beauties with you.  Yes, the are very expensive but really, really beautiful.  Her work is organic and very different from you see around. 
In this first photo we have Ivanka Trump's new Park Avenue apartment.  The only thing I like about the entire dining room is Adelman's chandelier.   KW chose an Adelman chandelier for a Tribeca she designed (below).

 The bubble series seems to be the most popular design as all the rooms I found with her work had them. See what I mean?
Really stunning.  I love every single one of those images.  But Lindsey makes a variety of very different chandeliers as well- like these:
Amazing right?  I find it interesting to see where artists get their inspiration from and in Lindsey's case its from an Argentinean Surrealist painter called Leonor Fini.  I had never heard of her so I looked her up.  Here are a few examples of her work.  Her subjects are, in many cases, women in strange sexual circumstances.
These paintings are dark and powerful just like Adelman's work.  Now if only I had some tens of thousands of dollars lying around.......

Do you like her work? 
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