Art to Outfit | Ladies' Birthday Lunch

For same strange, or maybe not so strange as I'm sure its due to affinity, reason a lot of my friends are Scorpios (November birthdays). So the second half of October and first part of November is usually a busy time for me with celebratory birthday lunches, dinners or outings.  For these instances I love dressing up to give importance to the occasion.  I mean half the fun is planning the outfit, isn't it? I based the outfit on this beautiful Timothy McDowell painting.  I like the kind of translucent colors it has with the darker pops of red and burgundy.  It has a dreamy quality.  And this dress??  Please!  Cute and festive, what more could you ask for in a party dress?  Well, there is one more thing it offers- the price is amazing as well.  How perfect would also be for the holidays?  I won't gush over the shoes, necklace and clutch, because I know you know I just love these.  
I'm so happy I get to celebrate with my friends in the upcoming weeks.  Do you have any fun birthday plans coming up?