A sickness in Gold

Please help me. I have a sickness.  I can't stop thinking about gold/shiny things.  You have probably noticed with my posts like this one, this one and even this one that gold/brass has been on my mind.  I want my door hardware to be brushed gold and all the furniture I like lately has gold (see images above and below).  I love spray painting anything gold like I did here and here. I actually have to control myself.  I pin anything that involves a gold leafing pen.  Really, this is serious.

So, I'm starting to worry, is this  a passing trend? Is it a classic look? If I invest in pieces with gold are they going to date my home 5-10-20 years from now?  What about gold hardware like door knobs, hinges, faucets? What are your thoughts?  Please help me. 

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