A few of my favorite Things | Amanda from {re}rycled

I'm so happy to introduce to you Amanda from {re}cycled this morning for our 'A Few of My Favorite Things' series.  I love reading her blog as she has such an engaging and entertaining voice.  Her passion (borderline obsession) for design is evident in all her posts and she just has such wonderful taste.  She is a lady on the 'go' as she has appeared on TV, and is expanding her brick and mortar store.  All this, plus she is also mother to three of the cutest kids I have ever seen (they are straight out of a catalog! Trust!). 

Hey all you fabulous Mimosa Lane readers.  Amanda here from {re}cycled just popping in to share a few of my very favorite things. I was so honored when Albertina asked me to join in this fun series so lets get this party started.

1 | My Favorite People.  Number one is hands down my cute little family. I am just overwhelmed with how blessed I am to have them. I won't get to mushy, but it's true.

The things I would save in a fire....besides #1.

2 |  My favorite piece of jewelry.  My Hermes bangle that I wear with everything, this baby goes with it all. Layered arm parties or by herself she is no joke.

3 |  My favorite magazines. An almost full collection of vintage domino. I never get bored of thumbing thru back issues....this team really had their design knowledge down. It's like the bible.....when in doubt read domino.

4 |  My Store. Of course no list would be complete with out my little vintage brick and mortar store.  I opened 3 years ago and it has been a dream come true. My obsessions for unique furniture and decor are what led me to opening, and this year is BIG for us, we are making a move to a much grander location in the cool downtown vibe of Cedar City.
The new opening will be this November and I am all kinds of giddy.

Yeps that is my baby girl in the shoot. We did a vintage wedding dress set to put away for "something old" in her one day future wedding.

If you want to keep up with the step by step updates of my new shop be sure to stop by and follow here.  I will be opening on-line soon and you don't want to miss out.

There you have it.  A few things that rock my world right now.  Thanks for having me and big virtual hugs and kisses to you all.
Thanks Amanda!  How creative is that photo of her baby girl with a wedding dress for her future wedding?  Love it!  That just goes to show how wonderfully creative Amanda is.  Go pop over and say hi.