Some Monday Morning Design Inspiration

 Welcome to Monday!  I'm exhausted.  It was a very hectic weekend with non-stop activities from soccer games (little Miss A. scored her second goal of the season! to seeing Damien Hirst's St. Sebastian.  Wao was this piece powerful. This is the St. Sebastian I am used to seeing)  So you can see my weekend was very varied.  So for this Monday morning I just offer you some images that have been inspiring me lately.  First off, loving the effect of several small tables to replace the singular coffee table.  Also the large pedestals flanking the sofa are fabulous.  This is an easy way to add drama, fill a space, and add height to a room.

 Loving this curvy purple chaise next to the multicolored striped curtains.
 I love the concrete walls and ceiling of this apartment in Berlin and the huge 'L' shaped sofa. It used to be a real bunker.
I'm digging the purple velvet chairs (again with the purple - so rich and luxurious looking) and the beautifully styled console in the back.  Purple home is craving something purple and velvety....

Ok, now get back to work and start the week off right.

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