Happy Friday and Guest Post

Happy Friday!  We made it through yet another week.  I'm so excited to be guest blogging over at Tiffany Leigh's Interior Design Blog.  The post is about one of my favorite pieces of furniture (that I own!).  Want to know what it is? click on over to Tiffany's blog to find out.

Aside from wanting to share with you my favorite piece of furniture I also wanted to share a few links with you.

1 | I am mesmerized by this video of a silly Korean Man.  Please trust me and click through. (Thank you to Sadie and Stella for the introduction).  Mark my words this is coming to your local radio station anytime now here.

2 | I really want to try this chocolate cake recipe

3 | I'm working on this easy DIY for my daughter's playroom from I Suwanee.  I used these letters instead of making my own.  So much easier!

4 | How fun would it be to have a dinner party at this table?

5 | Thank you to the ladies of Live Laugh Decorate for the nomination.  We are honored.

Have a wonderful weekend! xx