Color with Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie Affair 3

Well, with autumn coming into full swing its time to turn our palates to the earth tones. The only problem is... I can't do it just yet. I am bringing it into our home a little at a time. I have a problem (like many of you) with the constant need for change, flux if you will, in my home's design. Its a condition I have lived with since I was in grade school constantly rearranging my doll house. I was constantly changing the furniture from one room to the other, to suit my appetite for perfection within a living space. The problem (or the gift) is that there is no one perfect scenario for any space. Some come close, but there is always some little tweak that will add some little extra bonus. 
I have learned through the years, that its not practical in a real house to have a revolving door of things coming in and out (although I still somewhat do). I have tempered my addiction by adding change through pillows, paint and slipcovers rather than sofas, wallpaper and new drapes. So this week I am turning out my pillows. Switching the pinks for the siennas, the limes towards the olives, and the turquoise nearer to the cobalt.
Will I ever get past this obsession? I hope not.

On this note. I would like to send you all my greatest wishes for the perfect home and a rockin' wardrobe to match. I am off to tend to my interior design (who is a demanding mistress) and my beautiful family. I have loved every minute working on Mimosa Lane with my darling friend and confidant Albertina, and I will happily come back to guest post from time to time.
 I know great things are in store, and the future is bright for all of us. 
Blessings to you dear reader.
Love, Julie