Luxe Lusting- Bright and beautiful

I did a Luxe Lusting post a few weeks ago and was very happy with it. I might turn into a regular column.  What do you think? yes? I'm always torn whether to blog about the home or fashion on that particular day.  Believe it or not it is a difficult decision and so this way I get to talk about both.  So today we have this beautiful Designer's Guild Amrapali Peony fabric that can't but make you happy with its vibrant color scheme.  I was first introduced to Designer's Guild right out of college when I was choosing linens for my first apartment.  I wondered into ABC Carpet and Home for the first time and could not believe this place, finally heaven on earth!  I chose some white sheets with purple embroidered flowers.  Adorable! And guess what if you want to come spend the weekend I will likely make up the guest bed with them.  That is right! I still have them and they are like brand new.  They go so well in my guest bedroom.  They were expensive but boy are they good quality.  Sometimes expensive things are less expensive in the long run.  And those cute as a button plates are from Vietri in the Amalfi coast.  They make the best and most original dishes, wonderful for dining al fresco.

And for myself I'm luxe lusting over this Phillip Lim bag that is actually not terribly expensive.  I love its classic shape and wild color.  But for the fall what you really NEED and must get are a pair of loafers.  They are all the rage, any kind will do.  These YSL ones are just irristible with that gold cap toe.  And you know how much I'm loving gold lately.

So there you have it!  some luxe lusting for you and some for your home!  I have been eyeing some beautiful autumn outfit ideas I hope to bring to you next week. I hope you all have a safe, wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!